We will create long term relationships with our customers to provide them with quality workmanship, timely completion and well constructed buildings.


Algie D. Stowe founded A.D. Stowe, Inc. in the 1930’s. The Company started small, specializing in rock lath, plastering and metal lath systems. As the years passed, A.D. Stowe, Inc. was a major plastering contractor in the Tidewater area. In the early 1970’s, Lynn Williams and Bob Parker came to work for A.D. Stowe, Inc. Lynn Williams was the bookkeeper and estimator while Bob Parker was a head superintendent out in the field. Mr. Stowe saw the work ethic of Lynn and Bob and he one day would sell them the business. In May of 1978, Mr. Stowe handed the business over to Lynn and Bob; Lynn handled all of the estimating and in house work while Bob handled all field operations. This partnership grew for the next 30 years and A.D. Stowe, Inc. became a multi-million dollar a year company. Through Lynn and Bob's hard work, A.D. Stowe, Inc. is one of Tidewaters largest drywall contractors.

In 1997 Chris and Mark Williams, sons of Lynn Williams, came to work for A.D. Stowe, Inc. Mark started off as a drywall mechanic in the field while Chris was learning estimating. As Mark became more familiar with the outside, he then became a field foreman and Chris became head of estimating.

Today Lynn Williams (President), Chris Williams(Vice President), and Mark Williams (Project Manager) control and manage A.D. Stowe, Inc.



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